Henry Holland Studio

Terracotta & White Checkerboard Butter Dish


Taking inspiration from our signature Art Deco-inspired mug this Butter Dish will make any type of bread feel like a princess. 

This piece is hand-built using a slab building technique in Terracotta and White earthenware clay and finished with a high gloss transparent glaze to show the distinctive pattern of the clay.

The nature of our making process means that each and every piece is unique and designs, colour, the contrast of tone and patterns may vary.

Care: The Toast Rack is dinnerware safe but needs to be taken care of, he doesn't like being stacked and likes to take pride of place on any shelf. We recommend hand washing.

Measurements: 15cm in length x 10cm in width x 7cm height* Fits a 250g block of butter.

*all measurements are approximate as shrinkage can vary from piece to piece

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