Henry Holland Studio

Terracotta & White Candle Holder Set


Reflecting the other forms and silhouettes in our collection, this inseparable pair never leave each other's side. (AKA sold as a set)

This piece is hand-built using a slab building technique in terracotta and white earthenware clay and finished with a high gloss transparent glaze to show the distinctive pattern.

Each and every piece in the collection is handmade in our London studio by Henry and a small team of skilled potters. We hope you love each and every piece as much as we love making them.

The nature of our making process means that each and every piece is unique and designs, colour, the contrast of tones and patterns may vary.

The holders are designed to hold a single tapered candle.

Care: The pieces are dinnerware safe but needs to be taken care of, and we recommend handwashing only.

Measurements: Single handle style - 10cm tall, Chalice - 13cm tall and 13cm at the widest point or diameter.*   

*all measurements are approximate as shrinkage can vary from piece to piece.

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