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Multi-Coloured "FLOOR" Large Rectangle Ceramic Mirror

Sale price£2,800

Our "FLOOR" Mirror sits statuesque in any space and commands attention. The multicoloured ceramic shapes are inspired by styles within our wider collections. Handmade in our signature Nerikomi marbled earthenware.

“The multicoloured ceramic forms and silhouettes from our tableware, vase and lighting collections have been re-scaled and re-imagined, the irregularity of the different shaped marbled pieces draws the eye, making it playful and the perfect partner in crime for that selfie” says Henry.

The nature of our making process means that each and every piece is unique and designs, colour, and the contrast of tones and patterns may vary.

Lead time: 6 weeks from ordering. Every piece is handmade and carefully built in our London studio.

Technical Specification: 100% earthenware ceramic plaques, bonded onto 4mm safety glass with a plywood backing. Wall fixtures are included. 

Care:  He's a delicate soul and will need light dusting from time to time.

Measurements: 160cm H x 70cm W Depth of 5cm*

 Please note there might be additional costs for international orders

Multi-Coloured "FLOOR" Large Rectangle Ceramic Mirror
Multi-Coloured "FLOOR" Large Rectangle Ceramic Mirror Sale price£2,800