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Responsible Design

Responsible Design at Henry Holland Studio

We’re building our brand as responsibly as we can. We know that we’re not 100% perfect just yet, but we’ve identified areas where we can make realistic steps as a small UK business to improve our processes and help to further reduce our impact on the environment. From the electricity we use, to our suppliers, materials, labelling and packaging, below gives you all the info about how we’re trying to do that, and we’ll be adding to this page as we make further improvements. If you’ve got any questions or suggestions about how we could look to do better, then just drop us a line at


Responsible Ceramics 

Clay - Our ceramics are handmade in our Hackney London studio using 100% earthenware clay that is responsibly sourced from both Spain and the UK. 

Glaze - We use a non-toxic ASMA D-4236 and dinnerware safe glaze on all of our products. This brush on glaze has little to no environmental impact when entering into our waste system. 

Responsible Candles

Wax -  We only use 100% non-GMO, eco-soy wax in our candles that is harvested in the US from RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) suppliers. These suppliers are committed to ensure that their work does not contribute to deforestation and also respects the rights of workers and indigenous people. The wax is made from raw materials that are all fully traceable back to the original manufacturers. 

Wicks -  All of our candle wicks are  made out of unbleached cotton and linen, with certified suppliers and textile manufacturers. The cotton we use complies with the Oektoex Standard 100, which regulates and tests fabrics for harmful substances. 

Oils - All of our nature mimicking oils and essential oils used in our scented candles are all ethically sourced and fully traceable. All materials used are vegan, non-GMO, paraben-free, phthalate free & cruelty free.

Responsible Packaging

Customer Orders - We only use recyclable paper and cardboard packaging that has been FSC certificated. Protective padding and shipping labels are nearly 100% recyclable (we’re working on it!) and protective padding for our ceramics is either a mix of 1) starch based 100% biodegradable and compostable pellets or 2) hive wrap that’s 100% recyclable and biodegradable.  

Responsibility in the Studio

Packing Tape - We use plastic as it’s the strongest but we’re always looking for strong responsible alternatives - all suggestions welcome. 

Paperwork - We operate an (almost) completely paperless process within our office and only print things on recycled paper if absolutely necessary. 

Shipping - For our 3rd party shipping and Courier providers we currently use a mix of Royal Mail and UPS.

Studio - We recycle all of our waste plastic and paper from the studio, and we keep and reuse any second hand packaging materials where we can. 

Any third party inbound  packaging is either reused or recycled where possible in the studio. 

Energy Usage - We mainly use electricity in our studio for everyday use and processes such as firing. We source all of our energy from a 100% renewable energy supplier.