Henry Holland Studio

Brown & White Dinner Plate


The jewel in the crown of any table setting, our dinner plates have the power to make the drabbest of meals look delicious. 

Layer them up with a small bowl on top, and accompany with a mismatched side plate for the full effect.

This plate is made from a mix of Chocolate Brown and White earthenware clay and finished with a high gloss transparent glaze.

Each is hand-pinched to create a lip around the edge of each plate, so there’s no need to worry about spilling gravy all over the tabletop.

Care: The plates are dinnerware safe and durable for everyday use. They look great stacked but we recommend hand washing.

Measurements: 25/26cm diameter with a small hand pinched rim of approximately 1cm tall

*all measurements are approximate as shrinkage can vary from piece to piece

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