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Floral as F*ck I Scented Soy Wax Candle I 300ml (10 fl Oz)


Floral as F*ck I Scented Soy Wax Candle

300ml (10 fl Oz) 

Evokes: Comfort, Warmth, and Relaxation.

Henry says "A heady floral scent created for cosy winter evenings. At home we use fresh Fig based scents in the summer and then switch to more floral based scents in the winter. So you could say this scent was created for selfish reasons! We really struggled with naming this scent initially and eventually settled on simply what we said when we first confirmed the blend. It really is Floral as F*ck - in the best possible way."

The Scent Floral As F*ck evokes feelings of cosy winter evenings by the fire with the family and friends.

Notes:  Damascus rose, Geranium, Violet, Amber & Oud

Each candle is expertly hand-poured and finished in London using the finest soy wax and bespoke fragrance blends all inspired by our favourite places and memories. Housed in our signature ceramic chalice every one is handmade in our Hackney studio.

Once cleaned this mini vessel can be reused for a multitude of things - It's the gift that keeps giving. 

40 hours burning time approx. 

Vegan. Made in the UK from 100% vegetable wax, fragrance, and essential oils.

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