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Henry Holland

 Henry Holland Studio is a collection of hand built ceramics and homeware projects from designer Henry Holland.

The former Creative Director of fashion label House of Holland, Henry first discovered a love of ceramics during the pandemic.

Intended as a creative outlet, as he took a break from fashion, he stumbled across his interpretation of the nerikomi technique, while sat at his kitchen table during lockdown, when government restrictions meant he was no longer able to attend lessons at his local Hackney pottery studio.

Henry quickly fell in love with the meditative process of building each piece by hand, which provided a new, and welcome pace of working, following years spent in the frenetic world of fashion.

The slow technique of stacking, folding and rolling coloured clay into slabs, then hand moulding them into functional shapes, means that each piece is organic in nature, and impossible to recreate exactly.

Each object is unique with the combined colour combinations of the different earthenware clays, creating Henry’s signature colour combinations and patterns.

“It is a privilege to design beautiful things that people are willing to live with, says Henry. “To contribute to someone’s personal environment  in this way, to be treasured, and to build treasured things, that’s the kind of connection we are all looking for.”
The studio has now worked on a range of homeware projects and launches including textiles, glassware, lighting and furniture. Explore our collaborations.