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Article: All about the treble

All about the treble

All about the treble

This is the season of the statement vase! I've been working on these in the studio over the last few months and now they are finally out of the kiln and ready to launch - say hello to Profumo, Great Hey and Tudor. 

Profumo Vase MINI

I'm introducing 11 new vases and 8 candle holders to the collection, each following in the same aesthetic to the tableware, made using my own version of the nerikomi pottery technique. This a process of stacking, folding and rolling different coloured clays into slabs, which results in a ripple-like, haphazard patterning when formed into shapes. As you can probably tell, I'm a big fan.

Henry Holland Studio Vase Collection

The vase and candle holder silhouettes came from playing around with the molds that I use to create my dinner and serveware. Due to limited space in our studio we are always stacking things on top of each other and I was enjoying some of the shapes that we could create. I really like this idea of continuity that runs across both the tableware and these vases. You can see elements taken from the mugs and bowls translated into an entirely different product but still with the same DNA.

Tudor Vases by Henry Holland Studio

The collection also gave me an opportunity to experiment with scale, to create some statement pieces with the big-boy Tudor and Profumo MAXI vases which took a lot of trial and error to perfect. In fact, because I was spending so much time in the studio at night working on these vases, my husband thought I was having a secret affair. So in reference to that, I’ve named these pieces after love affairs - but affairs which had actual people involved, and not, like me, slabs of clay.

I hope you like the collection - you can see it in its entirety here.

Let me know what you think via @henryhollandstudio

Henry x

Great Hey Vase by Henry Holland Studio

All photography by the wonderful Jake Curtis, and set design by the equally wonderful Josh Thompson.

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