Reflections on our new Mirror Collection...

As we create larger scale pieces for the home, our new mirror collection continues to celebrate the artistry of the nerikomi ceramic technique and builds on translating our signature aesthetic in new and conceptual ways.

Forms and silhouettes from our tableware, vase and lighting collections have been re-scaled and re-imagined, art-deco curves forming unique statement ceramic frame surrounds in three new designs - Crescent, Lozenge and Floor. A nod to the Memphis movement, designs  are free, irregular and experimental with an aim to excite and surprise, while still maintaining our distinct identity.

I hope you enjoy this new collection as much as I have had playing with it in the studio. You can view the full collection here. Henry x

Floor Mirror by Henry Holland Studio
Detail: Our 'Floor' mirror which can either be leaning or wall mounted.
Henry Holland Studio Mirror CollectionDetail: 'Lozenge' mirror in Blue & White can be hung either in portrait or landscape.
Henry Holland Studio Mirror CollectionDetail: 'Crescent' mirror in Green & White. Wall hanging.
Our Henry Holland Studio Mirror Collection officially launched on Sunday 29 October and is now available here.