Henry Holland Studio

Blue and White Swirl Mid-Ball Glass Tumbler


These mid-ball tumblers are perfect for a cocktail, water glass, or whatever tickles your fancy and will instantly make all your friends jealous.

Handblown in England by a small team of glassmakers, the pattern echos our signature ceramics and their distinct marble design. 

Each piece is unique - a hand-held work of art you can use every day. 

A "cookie foot" base gives the glass a little extra weight and it's an instant coaster. 

The nature of the making process means that each and every piece is individual and designs, colour, contrast and patterns may vary.

Dimensions: 8cm wide by 10cm high*

Care: All our pieces are dinnerware safe but recommended to handwash only. NOT DISHWASHER SAFE

*all measurements are approximate as they are handblown and can vary from piece to piece

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